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Digital learning: Is technology making children's lives better?
Digital learning: Is technology making children's lives better?
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Over 2.3 billion people have a facebook account, however many parents who work for companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple have revealed that they do not let their children use digital technology.

There has often been a conflicting argument surrounding digital technology, does it make education more exciting or does it distract children and stop them paying attention? Does the internet help children learn more about a subject or does it lead them to bad websites filled with false information?

The recent global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital education in society. The ability to communicate with other students and teachers across the world has enabled 21st century education to transcend geographical distance and physical boundaries like never before. Suddenly new ideas and theories can be shared across continents, whole new worlds of thought are available to students in far-flung places and teachers across the world are able to use forums to share valuable ideas and techniques.

But are we rushing into this new digital era too quickly? Is there a consequence to losing that face-to-face interaction? Those opposed to digital learning will point to the added expense that is simply unaffordable to many parents and question whether it will actually teach children new skills or simply foster a culture of laziness that discourages them from hard work.


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