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Children (3-8 years)
Children (3-8 years)

Usually around the age of 3, your child becomes much more coordinated with running or going up and down the stairs. By the end of their preschool years, your child should be able to catch a bounced ball easily, kick a ball forward, and stand on one foot or hop. 

From ages 3 to 5 children learn some physical independence. They begin to dress, feed and toilet themselves while also beginning to develop social skills and make friends.

They will talk constantly and ask many questions as cognitively their attention span increases and their understanding of stories, and relationships between numbers and objects grows.

Sometimes, it may seem like your little human has the innate ability to push you to the outer edge of your patience. And that's on a good day. Fortunately LP is here to provide a little bit of guidance in our subtopics section below, check it out!


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